Cooking fun with Kids Giving Back at Cook4Good event last Saturday

Last week Maya and I volunteered at Cook4Good event organised by a wonderful organisation Kids Giving Back. If you are unfamiliar with them, I highly recommend to look them up on Facebook and also check their school holiday programs on their website.

It took place in a new community space in Woolloomooloo, but they also run these workshops in Our Big Kitchen in Bondi.

It was a lot of fun chopping the veggies, making the sauce and packing the meals up in containers- all ready to go to people in need. I also loved the fact that there was an educational element when we learned some pretty shocking facts about homeless people.

My biggest takeout was that all sorts of situations can happen to anyone, even in such a wonderful country like Australia.

When end I asked Maya if she enjoyed the morning, she said “I loved it, now we need to come back with daddy and Anton!”